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Born, bred and living in Yorkshire I earned my degree in Surface Pattern Design at the University of Huddersfield 1998.

Being unprepared when I left University and having a huge lack of confidence, something I still struggle with today, I ended up working as a retail visual merchandiser for many years. Although, I always knew I wanted to return to my art in some form or another.

I have been influenced by the places I have visited during my trips to the USA. The realisation of a dream I’ve had to visit San Francisco and New York City ever since I was a child. The memories of the emotions I had whilst being there inspire me primarily, the ornate wooden homes of San Francisco and the huge scale of Manhattan with its buildings on top of buildings. Quite a contrast to the streets of Yorkshire I grew up in.

My most recent works are also of a contrasting nature. My love of vintage memorabilia combined with my passion for birds. The beauty and elegance of nature juxtaposed against the simplistic nature of the old vintage items I have a fondness for.

Painting in acrylics, I work from reference images and personal photographs, adding and adapting to them to create a more pleasing finished piece.

I am 'no frills' and just enjoy painting what I love.

The artist overlooking the Pacific Ocean
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