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The realisation of a dream I’ve had to visit San Francisco and New York City ever since I was a child has inspired this collection. The sun, the light, the wooden houses, the busy streets, the emotions I felt whilst there have drawn me to create these artworks.

a collection of original acrylic artworks painted on paper, canvas and one drum head.

San Francisco street. Cream houses. Perspective. acrylic painting
Vintage cream car. Brownstone building. America. Retro. Painting.
Acrylic painting inspired by photograph. SanFrancisco beach and city. Blue skys and palm trees. retro feel.
City street in Manhattan, New York. Painting in perspective applied to a drum head. Acrylic
Artwork. Acrylic painting. San Francisco. Decorative white House. California. USA
Artwork. Acrylic painting. Santa Cruz. Boardwalk. California. USA. Vintage Woody. Retro
Artwork. Acrylic painting. Three houses in San Francisco. California. USA
Artwork. Acrylic painting. Iconic view of Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn. NYC. New York. USA
Artwork. Acrylic painting. Funky trees. San Francisco Street. Houses. Vintage cars. California. USA.
Acrylic painting of Manhattan from The Whitney Museum of Art. NYC. New York. Artwork
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